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Oct 2 2012 @ 17:03

PRESS RELEASE: Canada’s Rank Drops, Score Rises in Annual Aid Transparency Ranking; Canadian NGO provides roadmap to stronger rankings and impact

October 4, 2012

Toronto, Ontario – Canada has dropped to 32nd in the 2012 Aid Transparency Index released earlier this week by Publish What You Fund, despite strong steps toward increased aid transparency over the last year. The change in ranking is due largely to faster implementation among other donors, but Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB Canada) has released a roadmap that outlines how Canada can accelerate its rate of improvement to not only begin to climb the rankings, but also drastically increase the effectiveness of its aid.

Since ranking 28th in 2011 and falling in the “poor” category, Canada has taken significant steps to increase aid transparency, including the provision of $1M to the Open Aid Partnership—the largest amount provided by any donor partner to-date—and supporting the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) in signing on to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). The Aid Transparency Index itself recognizes these efforts, showing an increase from 31% to 46% in publicly published Canadian aid funding in the last year and a shift from “poor” to “moderate”. The problem for Canada is speed.

“If Canada is to be a leader in the global movement to improve aid effectiveness, CIDA needs to accelerate its pace in meeting its aid transparency commitments,” said David Hall-Matthews, Director of Publish What You Fund, “CIDA signing on to IATI was an important step forward, but now it must follow through on this commitment.”

EWB Canada agrees, and has today released a report that states Canada’s best chance of accelerating progress towards more transparent foreign aid is to follow through on last year’s IATI commitment with a robust approach to implementation. According to EWB Canada, CIDA has an opportunity to lead by example with the production of high quality IATI data, helping to set a standard for other donors to follow. The report is the second edition of Beyond Busan: A Report on Canada’s Progress Toward More Transparent Foreign Aid, and can be downloaded here.

“CIDA has taken some incredible steps in the last year,” said James Haga, Director of Advocacy at EWB Canada. “We'll be watching closely in the hopes that Minister Fantino and CIDA will spell out in clear language how Canada will leapfrog other donors to build on their current momentum and become a leader in the push for greater aid transparency and more intelligent development. We hope that this report will be a valuable support for CIDA as they prepare to release their IATI implementation plan in December.”


Beyond Busan: A Report on Canada’s Progress Toward More Transparent Foreign Aid, Second Edition


Beyond Busan: Technical Addendum


Au-delà de Busan: Un rapport sur les progrès du Canada vers une aide étrangère plus transparente, la deuxième édition


Au-delà de Busan: Addenda technique



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