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What's New at Engineers Without Borders

Oct 26 2012 @ 11:35

A new venture & a new partnership with Samara Canada

EWB Canada is proud to announce that a new venture is beginning to test the waters of political engagement in Canada, led by Ian Froude. Beginning Friday at the University of Saskatchewan, and continuing for the next two months, EWB's new venture will partner with Samara to co-host 12 "Democracy Talks" discussion groups across the country. EWB chapters at the University of Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Guelph, McMaster, Waterloo, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and Simon Fraser University will host these events.

Launched in August 2012, Samara's "Democracy Talks" is a national series of focus groups and events, delivered in partnership with community groups, that provides Canadians with a platform to discuss how politics can better reflect their daily lives and offer greater opportunities for democratic engagement. It will result in new research and resources designed to help community groups, political stakeholders and the media to better inform, engage and empower Canadians to become more active citizens in our democracy.

In addition to giving many EWB members and Canadians the opportunity to discuss Canadian politics, EWB's fledgling venture will use the content of these conversations as a learning tool to gain new insights into the Canadian political system, and how it’s perceived. This partnership provides an opportunity to test a set of hypothesis and achieve learning goals on how policy and issues are discussed by Canadians.

It's an exciting time, an exciting venture and an exciting partnership with Samara Canada – we’re all looking forward to seeing the results of these conversations, and everyone at EWB would also like to thank leaders across the country, at the universities listed above for their tremendous contribution to this project.

Find out more by getting in touch with:
Ian Froude at Engineers Without Borders: ianfroude@ewb.ca
Fiona O'Connor at Samara: fiona.oconnor@samaracanada.com

About Samara

Samara is an independent charitable organization that works to reconnect citizens to politics through a combination of research and public programming. Founded in 2009 by Michael MacMillan and Alison Loat, it is among the country’s leading organizations dedicated to civic engagement and is best known for its groundbreaking series of exit interviews with former Members of Parliament.

For more about Samara, please visit www.samaracanada.com


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