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May 23 2011 @ 11:32

Ottawa 2012: EWB's national conference is coming to the capital!

Engineers Without Borders Canada is excited to announce that its 2012 National Conference will be hosted in Ottawa, the nation’s capital and the heart of the development sector in Canada.

Every year Engineers Without Borders hosts the largest conference in Canada on international development. This event, held in January, brings together between 600-1000 of Canada’s brightest minds from the public sector, private sector and universities all across the country. These energetic, ambitious and thoughtful delegates come to learn and discuss key issues slowing the growth of prosperity in Africa and what role Canadians should be playing to support that growth. With a bias towards action, the legacy of the conference always reverberates outwards and is felt for months afterwards.

“Ottawa has a highly motivated group of EWB alumni, student and professional chapter leaders who have teamed up to put on this great event. I'm thrilled to lead this amazing team to bring EWB its most stimulating and exciting conference ever!” says conference co-chair Clement Bourgogne. “Next January, 900 of Canada's most passionate agents of change coming from EWB and our partners across Canada and Africa will descend on our Nation's Capital!”

In 2011, to mark the 10th anniversary of the organization, over 1200 people came together in Toronto to take part in the largest EWB National Conference yet. The crowd included past and current EWB members, over 150 engineers and professionals, 18 delegates from EWB’s partner organisations in Africa, 6 Members of Parliament, and numerous experts from the development sector and industry alike. Together these delegates collaborated addressing hot topics and asking tough questions to rethink development, build coalitions for change and unlock African prosperity.

EWB conferences are known for hosting important conversations and also inspiring big change. 2011 saw the launch of admittingfailure.com which is taking the development community by storm, the University of British Columbia was designated the first Fair Trade campus in Canada, and a coalition of development stakeholders in Canada came together to form the new Foreign Assistance Reform Network.

This is a taste of what you can be a part of in Ottawa, January 2012.

Videos and photos online: conferences.ewb.ca/2011


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