EWB Chapters

From reminding their fellow students that poverty exists even during midterms, to hosting weekly development discussions, to sending volunteers overseas, our chapters are the backbone of EWB's work in Canada. On 26 campuses and in 7 major cities, our student and professional chapters respectively are catching the attention of Canadians and asking them to play their part in reducing global poverty.

Each of EWB's chapters is unique, yet they are all driving forces in our mission to promote human development. Since 2001 they have reached over a million people through their public engagement activities, high school outreach workshops and curriculum enhancement.

One of the best ways to get involved in EWB is to join a chapter. If you are interested, please contact your nearest chapter. To find out where EWB chapters are located and how to contact them, view the EWB chapter listings on myEWB, EWB's online community website.