Presenting Food For Thought

The world produces more than enough food to feed the entire global population, yet 850 million people go hungry each day. In Canada, where a majority of youth do not need to worry about when their next meal will come, it is essential that students understand the urgency of the global situation and how they can help.

EWB university chapters are visiting high school classrooms from coast-to-coast to raise awareness among students about the immediate need to reduce global hunger and the potential contributions of Canadians.

Target Audience

EWB's 'Food for Thought' workshop is best suited for Science and Technology or Social Science (Geography, Civics, Religion, Environmental Studies and Humanities) classes between grades 9 and 12. High school environmental and social justice clubs will also find presentations very relevant. Because the presentation is interactive, it is limited to a group of 10 to 30 students.


'Food for Thought' workshops are run by two or more EWB members and last between 60-90 minutes (pending on the length of your class). They commence with an introductory discussion about global hunger and the role of youth in addessing these challenges. Along with a slide show, EWB members challenge commonly held perceptions of hunger and the urgency of the current global crisis.

Following the discussion, students participate in an interactive activity in which they are seperated into groups representing various countries. Within their groups they process a sample of paddy rice into a marketable finished product. Each group is provided with differing starting quantities and qualities of rice, dependent upon their country's natural resources and national wealth. Throughout the activity students are encouraged to think critically and creatively while collaborating with their peers.

A follow-up discussion, led by the EWB presenters, reviews the activity and focuses on how it relates to reality.

Students can prepare in advance for the presentation by completing worksheets provided by EWB.

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