Presenting Water for the World

In the next 25 years a third of the population will face severe water scarcity. With 20 percent of the world's total freshwater resources and the longest marine coastline of any country in the world, Canada plays a pivotal role in managing global water resources. The next generation of Canadians must be well-equipped to tackle the world's water challenges—we are excited that you are interested in helping to prepare your students.

EWB university chapters are visiting high school classrooms from coast-to-coast to raise awareness among students about the need for water and the role of Canadians in protecting this valuable resource.

Target Audience

The Water for the World presentation is best suited for Science and Geography classes between grades 7 and 12. High school environmental and social justice clubs will also find the presentation very relevant. Because the presentation is interactive, it is limited to a group of 10 to 30 students.


Water for the World workshops are run by two or more EWB members and last between 60-90 minutes (pending on the length of your class). They commence with an opening discussion and slide show about local and global water issues, as well as the role of youth in addressing these challenges.

Following the discussion, students participate in an interactive activity in which they are separated into groups representing various countries. Each group is provided with differing levels of information and amounts of play money depending on their country's literacy rate and national wealth. They use their knowledge and resources to build a water filter from recycled bottles and layers of sand and gravel. During the activity students are encouraged to think critically and creatively while collaborating with their peers.

A follow-up discussion, led by the EWB presenters, focuses on reviewing the activity and how it relates to reality.

Students can prepare in advance for the presentation by completing worksheets provided by EWB.

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