Why We Work in Africa

3 billion people worldwide live in poverty. To reduce this staggering situation, EWB volunteers focus on creating opportunities for individuals to lead their lives as they desire.

Technology is part of this solution—by harnessing appropriate technologies, be it to grow more food, gain access to clean water or mechanize food processing, people are gaining the opportunity to work their way out of poverty.

EWB volunteers strive to facilitate this process. They work overseas for 8-36 months in partnership with local engineers, entrepreneurs and technicians. We understand that local knowledge and expertise is essential in developing appropriate solutions and that development should be driven by local people. EWB volunteers are working with technical sectors in developing communities to build their skills, gain access to resources and improve their capacity to engage in practical problem solving in their own communities.

To date we have sent more than 500 volunteers overseas who have helped thousands of people improve their own lives.