Invest in Change:
EWBs Corporate Partners

For eight years, Canadian companies have demonstrated their commitment to sustainable development by investing in the work of EWB. Through their contributions to EWB, these businesses and corporate leaders have enabled us to expand our work and implement solutions to the challenges of poverty.

We are looking for best-in-class companies to invest in EWB today for a brighter future. When you invest in EWB, you can be confident that our rigorous approach, combined with a focus on impact, is driving effective change in impoverished countries. Our approach has been recognized with a number of prestigious national and international awards, and has helped to put a caring face on the Canadian engineering profession.

An investment in EWB sends a powerful message to your employees, clients, customers and investors, along with the general public: Your company is committed to contributing to sustainable change.

There are a number of opportunities for your company to partner with EWB we are confident that you will find the right partnership for you to meet your corporate goals, strengthen your brand, and connect with employees:

Sustaining Partners
Conference Sponsors
Development Partners
Workplace Campaign
Circle of Opportunity