Workplace Campaigns

$5,000 - $10,000

Hosting an EWB Workplace Campaign is a unique opportunity to combine your support for EWB while also engaging your employees in sustainable development. Companies such as Accenture and CH2M Hill have hosted campaigns in their offices across the country, each with uniquely designed campaigns to meet the interests of their employees and to compliment their organisational culture and size.

Often coordinated by employees in partnership with a local EWB Professional Chapter, campaigns combine fundraising activities and educational events, and are a great opportunity to get your employees involved. These campaigns last anywhere from a week to a month.

The educational component will have your employees learning about EWB and sustainable development. This can include innovative and interactive workshops run by EWB Professional Chapters for your employees about everyday changes they can make to contribute to a sustainable future, or a presentation from a returned EWB overseas volunteer who can share their personal experiences.

In addition, campaigns also involve a fundraising element. This can include fundraising events in your office such as pancake breakfasts, raffles and golf tournaments all of which can serve to build moral and a stronger community in your offices. Proceeds from these events are then typically matched by the company, providing even greater incentive for your employees to contribute.

In hosting a workplace campaign you will make an important step in sharing your support for EWB with your entire company and garnering pride within your company for your contributions to a better world.