Aeroplan goes Beyond Miles to support EWB

To date, Aeroplan members have contributed nearly 40,000,000 miles to EWB. This is equivalent to all flights for our long term volunteers, plus most of EWBs domestic travel needs each year.

To donate your miles, visit Beyond Miles online.

Your generosity means you are contributing directly to EWBs impact overseas and offseting our project costs significantly, which means all our supporters' dollars go further to help Africans living in extreme poverty. Thank you!

In keeping with Aeroplan's environmental program, Green It Up, Aeroplan will fully offset carbon emissions from all our flights using donated miles. This way you know that youre helping developing communities overseas and doing it in an environmentally friendly way.

Thank you to Aeroplan, and its partners and members, for building an outstanding partnership and running a campaign that has been a continued success. Your support is helping to make our work overseas possible.

Please note that donations of Aeroplan Miles are not eligible for a tax receipt.