Partner Comments

We also would like to share some of the comments we have received from partner organisations.

“The partnership between Engineers Without Borders and Concern Universal has been among the most useful relationships that we have been involved in over the last decade.”
Samson Hailu, Country Director, Concern Universal Malawi

“After working with practically every development sending agency, I have never come across one who provides staff who consistently are as intelligent, quick learning, and flexible.”
Mike Field, Former USAID Director

“Heather made a tremendous contribution to the long term strategic focus in the sector and those changes will remain.”
Robert Kampala, Director, WaterAid Malawi

“It has been a wonderful thing having Heather here and we have made tremendous progress. Heather understands me in a way that no ‘expert’ consultant could and therefore enables me to do more than I thought was possible.”
Director of Planning, Malawi Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development Malawi